19 years of factory direct sales, global leading company in commutator of vacuum cleaner industry


Today, the district leaders went to Xiangcheng High-tech Zone to see these places
2020-09-30 00:00:00


The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are approaching. Today (September 29), Xiangcheng District CPPCC Chairman Chen Jianguo, Xiangcheng District Committee Standing Committee, Xiangcheng High-tech Zone Party Working Committee Secretary, Yuanhe Sub-district Party Working Committee Secretary Zhu Xiaohai led a team to go to Xiangcheng Energy companies, industrial companies and other places in the high-tech zone will carry out pre-holiday safety inspections and concentrated visits in the third quarter. Relevant persons in charge of the Finance Bureau, Housing Construction Bureau, and Urban Management Bureau participated together.

Suzhou Yiwei New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Yiwei New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a green energy company focusing on the development and operation of electric vehicles. Chen Jianguo was particularly concerned about the development of emerging industries, and asked about the current development status and problems of the company on the spot. Chen Jianguo pointed out that the development of the new energy industry should improve technical services, reduce operating costs, and continue to introduce high-quality and price-quality products to better deliver green energy to the citizens.

Suzhou Shunyun Engineering Software Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Shunyun Engineering Software Co., Ltd. is an independent high-tech innovation enterprise cultivated by the Suzhou Municipal Government. Here, Chen Jianguo asked in detail about the company's basic situation and development puzzles, and learned about the difficulty in recruiting comprehensive talents for high-tech innovative enterprises. Chen Jianguo pointed out that Xiangcheng District is focusing on improving various services for talent introduction, and talent introduction policies are constantly being updated. High-level talents who come to Xiangcheng can mostly promote Xiangcheng, and work together to bring new breakthroughs to the work of talent introduction and training in Xiangcheng.

Suzhou Kegu Electric Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Kegu Electric Co., Ltd. is a leading company in commutators in the global vacuum cleaner industry, accounting for about 60% of the global vacuum cleaner motors. Chen Jianguo highly recognized that companies use big data as a tool to investigate and manage hidden dangers in all aspects of production safety, to ensure the safe and orderly operation of all production links of the company, and to regulate the safety management of equipment during holidays, and resolutely prevent and contain them. The accident happened.

Shuiyang Huacheng Community

Chen Jianguo and his entourage also came to Shuiyang Huacheng Community in the form of "Four Nos and Two Directs" to supervise the implementation of the "three determinations and one supervision" of garbage classification, and inquired in detail about the implementation of garbage classification and the status of residents' participation. Chen Jianguo expressed his affirmation for residents' spontaneous participation in the supervision of waste sorting, and emphasized that the smooth operation of waste sorting stations must be ensured during the holidays, and residents' participation in waste sorting should be increased.

In addition, Chen Jianguo and Zhu Xiaohai also visited the families of high-level talents from Xiangcheng abroad and sent them holiday condolences.